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Who is DMA

Damage Mitigation Advisory, or DMA for short, provides professional damage mitigation solutions to the insurance industry. Our damage mitigation advice aims to reduce or prevent the amount of damage that is caused to a building following a major loss insured event. With extensive experience and knowledge, we tailor our advice to our clients’ needs immediately following the event.

Most importantly, DMA provides our clients with advice that is completely independent of any contractor which will not only ensure the successful remediation of any damage type, but will also ensure the desired cost, time and quality objectives are achieved. Our independent auditing services ensures that our clients have the appropriate strategies in place immediately following an event.

Fire Damage Mitigration
Water Damage Mitigration
Mould Damage Mitigration

Our Expertise

What areas does DMA specialise in?

Whatever the cause and type of damage, prompt response and fast mitigation practices will provide the best opportunity to restore damaged building contents and structure. There are many events in which DMA can provide advice for including storm, flood, impact and malicious events, however DMA specialise in providing primary advice on fire, water and mould damage mitigation.

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